The Department of Pathology was one of the pioneering departments in the Institute of Medicine. The first chairman was one of the founders of FEU-Institute of Medicine, Dr. Liborio Gomez. He was succeeded by Dr. Serafin Juliano who later became Dean of IM and Director of the FEU Hospital. Dr. Severino Sarmenta was one of the authors of Robbin’s and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease during his time. The succeeding chairmen were likewise successful professionals and educators like their predecessors.

The department used to be the Department of Pathology, Parasitology and Laboratory Diagnosis. Parasitology was later transferred to the Department of Microbiology and Laboratory Diagnosis is now incorporated with a new subject, Clinical Diagnostics. The department and its faculty members have always been competent, effective, approachable teachers, who are student friendly and scored excellent in the semester-end student evaluations. As the curriculum shift to Outcome-Based Education, the Department of Pathology continues to evolve to provide the students with the needed competencies to become globally competitive physicians.

Previous Chairmen
Mari Karr A. Esguerra, M.D., FPSP 2009 - 2012
Linda D. Tamesis, M.D., FPSP, MHA, MS Immunology 1996 - 2009
Remedios A. Magkasi, M.D., FPSP, FPSMID, MHPEd (OIC) 1990 - 1996
Severino Sarmenta, M.D., FPSP 1982 - 1987
Serafin Juliano, M.D., FPSP 1979 - 1982
Severino S. Sarmenta, M.D., FPSP 1972 - 1979
Serafin Juliano, M.D, FPSP 1958 - 1972
Liborio Gomez, M.D., FPSP 1953 - 1958


Full Time:
Dean Linda D. Tamesis, M.D., FPSP, MA Immunology, MHA
Jocelyn Q. Gacasan, M.D., FPSP
Pedrito Tagayuna, M.D., FPSP
Mirian Viterbo, M.D., FPSP
Ron Dy Quiangco, M.D.

Part Time:
Rogelda G. Bongat, M.D., FPSP, MHPEd
Remedios A. Magkasi, M.D., FPSP, FPSMID, Immunology
Humphrey C. Bitun, M.D., FPSP
Mari Karr A. Esguerra, M.D., FPSP
Aida D. Lat, M.D., FPSP
Cherryl May Tan, M.D., FPSP
Chermane V, Dagani, M.D., DPSP
Francis Dematera, M.D., DPSP
Maybelle Cabungcal, M.D.


The Department of Pathology is now considered a clinical department and teaches in the second year medicine program. It is a basic subject which serves as a liason between the basic and clinical subjects. Pathology teaches the second year medical students Clinical Diagnostics, Pathology 2A and Pathology 2B, the fourth year Pathology and Histotechnique students of B.S. Medical Technology, and the third year Physical Therapy students. The department have six (6) fulltime faculty members, including the Dean and President of the Philippine Medical Association, Dr. Linda D. Tamesis, and nine (9) part-time faculty members, all of whom are graduates of Pathology Residency Training program and Diplomates or Fellows of the Philippine Society of Pathologists.

The Department of Pathology is also accredited by the Philippine Society of Pathologists for its 4- Year Residency Training Program for combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology. The Section of Clinical Laboratory in the FEU-NRMF-Medical Center, which is headed by Dr. Mari Karr A. Esguerra, is a licensed tertiary Clinical Laboratory. The Clinical Laboratory is equipped with automated machines in most sections and going for full automation with Laboratory Information System. The consultants and head of the Pathology Department are active consultants, e.g., they hold teaching post in the medical and paramedical schools of FEU-NRMF. The Clinical Laboratory is also a training center for Interns of the School of Medical Laboratory Science of FEU-NRMF. In addition, it is also accepting interns from other Medical Technology institutions.


Remedios A. Magkasi, M.D., FPSP, FPSMID, MHPEd – was awarded “Professor Emeritus” in the April 30, 2015 Graduation Ceremonies

Rogelda G. Bongat, M.D., FPSP, MHPEd – awarded “Dr. Josephine C. Reyes Merit Award” last January 20, 2015 during the Foundation Week celebration

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