It was in June 1952, that the FEU-Institute of Medicine opened its doors to its first batch of medical students. Dr. Jesus Nolasco, who was then secretary of the institute, was appointed Chair of the Department of Physiology and Biochemistry. They invited highly competent faculty mostly from the UP College of Medicine and the UST College of Medicine and Surgery. Among the pioneer faculty were Drs. Deogracias Rodil, Baltazar Solis, Gloria Roque and Benjamin Razon. Eventually, the Department of Physiology was made a separate department from Biochemistry with Dr. Rodil as Chair. The Department continued to invite faculty from other medical schools until it was able to produce and hire its own graduates as faculty. Today, although the Department still invites qualified faculty from other medical schools, most of the faculty are graduates of FEU-NRMF.

Previous Chairmen:
Felipe Barbon, MD (Acting Chair) 2011 - 2012
Elinor Bartolome, MD (Acting Chair) 2004 - 2005
Nela Porciuncula, MD 1994 – 2004, 2005 -2009, 2009 - 2011
Baltazar Solis, MD 1976 - 1994
Camilo Porciuncula, MD 1972 - 1976
Deogracias Rodil, MD  
Jesus B. Nolasco, MD  


  • Gloria Marie M. Valerio, MD (Chair)
  • Felipe C. Barbon, MD
  • Joseph U. Olivar, MD
  • Leandro D. Vila, MD
  • Vicentecarlomagno D. Mendoza, MD
  • Michelle E. Gamboa, MD
  • Vienna Blessie Ng-Baloloy, MD
  • Ronald Allan G. Cruz, MD


Medical Physiology is the study of the normal functions of the different organ systems in the body. It is a semestral subject carrying 6 units per semester, total of 12 units a year. Physiology A is General Physiology. It is about the normal functions of the major organ systems in the body (CVS, Respiratory, Blood and Immunity, GIT). Physiology B covers Endocrinology, Neurophysiology and Special Topics (Space and Deep Sea, Sports, Aging). The course involves lectures, skills lab and small group discussion. A highly competent and dedicated faculty plus a new outcome-based curriculum will ensure that the students will have a clear and profound understanding of the why and how each body part functions.


Application Requirements


Because of the increase in the number of incoming first year medical students, the Department of Physiology is inviting interested MDs to be part of the faculty staff.


The Physiology Society of the Philippines will holds its annual convention on April 2016 (exact date and venue to be announced later).

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