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The Section of Nephrology provides patient care covering clinical conditions including acute and chronic kidney diseases due to glomerulonephritis, connective tissue disease, acid –base and electrolytes disorders, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, Urinary tract infection, Nephrolithiasis and renal complications associated with pregnancy and surgery. The section also provides care to pre – ESRD and ESRD patients on dialysis. Work – up for kidney transplant is also available for all ESRD patients.


The section of Nephrology – Hemodialysis Unit has 11 machines that run a 3 shift dialysis procedure. It has an outpatient consultation section to care for our renal patients. All medical staff in nephrology are involved in teaching clinical medicine subjects in the FEU-NRMF Institute of Medicine.


    Edgardo P. Fajardo M.D. FPCP, FPSN
  • Chairman Department of Medicine
    Ramon C. Mora M.D. FPCP, FPSN
  • Head – Section of Nephrology
  • PSN Specialty Board Examiner
    Pompeyo R. Bautista Jr. M.D. FPCP, FPSN
  • Member, Residency Training Program PCP
    Joselito A. Mora M.D. FPCP, FPSN
  • Senior examiner, Philippine Specialty Board of Internal Medicine
    Nemma N. Evangelista M.D. FPCP, DPSN

Schedule of Clinics

Nephrology & Hemodialysis Room
[ Second Floor ]

Monday 08:00AM-04:00PM Dr. Edgardo Fajardo
Tuesday 08:00AM-04:00PM Dr. Edgardo Fajardo
Wednesday 08:00AM-12:00PM Dr. Edgardo Fajardo
By Appointment Dr. Ramon Mora
Thursday 08:00AM-04:00PM Dr. Edgardo Fajardo
Friday 08:00AM-04:00PM Dr. Edgardo Fajardo
By Appointment Dr. Joselito A. Mora

Package Rates

Nephrology Section 
Package Rate

Accepting PHIC, PCSO, HMO
Free 45 sessions for Philhealth members
For more details, please call Nephrology Section at 4270213/9838338 local 1212

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